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Office Number: (704)-323-0768
Voicemail: (704)-779-2248

T.O.R. Media Group has now developed the ability to not only broadcast over their vast variety of stations, but social platform. The live social broadcast are both audio and video, enabling the host and audience to become further engaged with one another. Broadcast your business live today on Instagram Live, Periscope Live, Facebook Live, and many more. Broadcast a video commercial during shows or schedule a live broadcast today at 704-323-0768!!


Hot77TheMix is the latest T.O.R. Media Group station. Playing all Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, and many more Hot77TheMix has a little something for everyone. All music is completely clean 24/7, so Hot77TheMix is also great for everyone in the family at all ages. Be sure to tune in and check out Hot77TheMix in your car, in your home, even in your office.  Blast the latest at family and community events without a worry. Hot77TheMix is the perfect solution for all occasions.


Splash77.6 is completely new to T.O.R. Media Group. Airing all Spanish music all day in Spanish, Splash77.6 is the first of it's kind. Music is global with a variety of cultural melodies and tunes. T.O.R. Media Group would like to celebrate the diversity of their audience with Splash77.6 as well as many more stations like it. Splash77.6 plays everything from Bachata and Merengue to Soca and Reggaeton. Jamming to Splash77.6 is sure to be a blast. 


Fire86.4 is a nonstop party you can join anytime. Djs from around the world submit mixes to keep the station upbeat and entertaining. Fire86.4 is completely different from stations today. Where most play mixes at certain times, Fire86.4 is mixes 24/7. You may never hear the same thing TWICE!! Fire86.4 is like having the perfect Dj in your pocket. Just whip it out, tune in, and get the party started. Fire86.4 can easily be your Dj for any occasion. 


There's no better way to start a marvelous day than with your favorite in praise and worship. Gospel86.5 stays up to date with the latest in Gospel music, news, and entertainment so you never miss out. Check out live sermons and shows to keep your spirits high.

"Give thanks to the lord, for he is good, his love endures forever." Psalms 107:1